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2. Young Women's Christian Association - Metropolitan Branch, Acc. URB 23 (collection description)

Creator: YWCA Metropolitan Branch
Date Created: 1897-01-01 - 1993-01-01


3. YWCA of Philadelphia - Kensington Branch, Acc. 520, 531, 552 (collection description)

Creator: YWCA Kensington Branch
Date Created: 1891-01-01 - 1981-01-01


4. YWCA of Germantown, Acc. 280 (collection description)

Creator: YWCA Germantown Branch


5. Hebrew Sunday School Society of Philadelphia Records (collection description)

Creator: Hebrew Sunday School Society of Philadelphia


7. Association for Jewish Children Records (collection description)

Creator: Association for Jewish Children
Date Created: 1855-01-01 - 1973-01-01

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9. Report of Department for Business Women

Creator: Trace, Martha
Date Created: 1919-11-01

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10. Program meeting minutes from the Kensington YWCA

Creator: Young Women's Christian Association of Philadelphia (Pa.). Kensington Branch
Date Created: 1891-02-02