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1. Caroline von Gersdorff letter to Abby Hopper Gibbons
Creator: von Gersdorff, Caroline, 1834-1889
Date Created: 1864-02-05

3. Postcard to Sarah Jane Campbell, 1922
Creator: unknown
Date Created: 1922

4. To the Pastor and the Women of the Lutheran Church
Creator: unknown
Date Created: 1880

5. Ellen Morris Zook letter to Margaret Tyler Paul
Creator: Zook, Ellen Morris Scattergood, 1914-1984 (author)
Date Created: 1943-10-26

6. Richard C. Zebley letter to Caroline Katzenstein, 29 May 1964
Creator: Zebley, Richard C.
Date Created: 1964-05-29

7. Lacey C. Zapf letter to Emily Howland
Creator: Zapf, Lacey C. (Lacey Courtland), 1882-1962
Date Created: 1928-12-31

8. M. Helena Zachos letter to Anna M. Jackson
Creator: Zachos, M. Helena (Mary Helena), 1856-1951
Date Created: 1875-1920

9. James Young letter to the Indigent Widows' and Single Women's Society, 1846
Creator: Young, James
Date Created: 1846-11-09

10. Adah Sparhawk Young letter to Emily Howland
Creator: Young, Adah Sparhawk, 1853-1941
Date Created: 1928-12-14