In Her Own Right

Bulletins of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania

Date created 1914-01-01 – 1938-01-01
Creators Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania
Abstract An annual publication of Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania (WMCP) listing faculty, speeches and addresses, enrolled students, and activity reports, 1915-1920.
Description The bulletins offer a largely synchronic picture of WMCP activities and philosophy. In addition to facts on enrollment, the geographical dispersion of alumnae, and more, bulletins offer descriptive reports and transcripts that are particularly revealing of institutional values. They discuss student missionary work, offer justifications for women as physicians and for single-sex education, describe the growing social services department, and document participation in the war effort both at home and abroad. This last issue is covered in particular detail. Reports of student activities also provide hints of college life outside of the classroom or clinic.
Research interest The bulletins capture a particularly interesting time period, one that includes the maturation of Progressive reform, the limits of Progressive internationalism, US participation in WWI, and the final push for woman suffrage. WMCP's relationships to all of these issues issues are reflected in the bulletins, and thus they will be of interest to researchers studying a variety of topics.
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