In Her Own Right

Annual Announcements of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania

Date created 1850-01-01 – 1970-01-01
Creators Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania | Alumnae Association of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania
Abstract These announcements will be of interest to researchers studying the evolution of medical education. Course offerings and descriptions reveal much about the rigor of training and the subjects emphasized by the college, as well as something of the medical knowledge that existed at the time. The broad strokes of these changes will also be interesting to historians of women's participation in Progressivism and public health.
Description In addition to lists of members, officers, and other organizational data, the WMCP transactions include reports on members who have died, sometimes with lengthy biographies. The richest sections of transactions include papers on, and discussions on, various medical and social topics. There is a special focus on gynecological and other women's topics and missionary work. Additionally, transactions include excerpts from the annual reports of the West Philadelphia Hospital for Women and the Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia, including some data on patient and treatment breakdowns.
Research interest This collection will be of great interest to historians studying the evolution of medical knowledge. Discussions in particular offer a rare glimpse into the contested nature of various medical theories. However, this collection is perhaps most valuable for what it reveals about WMCP graduates' views on race, class, and gender. In particular, they saw it as their duty as enlightened American women to lift up women in other parts of the world—particularly India, where the phenomenon of "child brides" was especially concerning. This topic receives extensive coverage. Less prominently featured, but still included, are arguments that attribute racial and class disparities to biological factors. For historians of race and class in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century woman's movement, this collection is a treasure trove.
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