In Her Own Right

The New Century Journal of Women's Interests

Date created 1887-01-01 – 1931-01-01
Creators New Century Guild
Abstract This collection includes bound copies of the New Century Guild's journal from 1887-1931, the vast majority of which is missing from the New Century Trust Records. The journal changed its name several times, starting as the Journal of Woman's Work and eventually settling on the New Century Journal of Women's Interests. Published every four weeks, the journal included news on the Guild's activities, reprints of annual reports, the names of new members, lists of books and magazines available at the Guild, and more. Additionally, it gave Guild members an opportunity to share their thoughts on a staggering variety of topics. Essays address issues including women's education, pay discrimination, suffrage, gender roles, race relations, marriage, and labor legislation. Some volumes are indexed, with lists of original essays included.
Research interest This is an incredibly important set of sources. It is extremely rare to get access to working women's voices like this, and for that reason, these journals are a dream source for historians. Although some authors only give initials, it should be possible to cross-reference full names with membership roles to figure out authors' occupations.
Size .5 lf
Contributing institution Historical Society of Pennsylvania
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