In Her Own Right

Graceanna Lewis letter to Edwin Fussell

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Date created 1843-06-10
Creators Lewis, Graceanna, 1821-1912
Description Lewis enjoyed Fussell's recent visit, and mentions the possibility of attending a convention in Ohio in the fall. Some girls at her school in York have decided not to eat meat, and Lewis expresses interest in utopian communities and the principles of social reformers (she alludes to Albert Brisbane's work and mentions Charles Fourier). She dwells on religious themes around death and temptation, and expresses sorrow at some of her friends having left York. Finally, she makes several mentions of a ""Liberator Company,"" and discusses a group of Antislavery Friends who passed through York.
Size 4 pages
Type text
Subjects Fussell, Edwin, 1813 1882 | Antislavery Movements | Spiritual Life Society Of Friends | Vegetarianism | Collective Settlements
Language English
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Contributing institution Friends Historical Library: Swarthmore College
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