In Her Own Right

Graceanna Lewis and Esther Lewis letter to Rebecca Lewis Fussell and Edwin Fussell

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Date created 1841-07-25
Creators Lewis, Graceanna, 1821-1912 | Lewis, Esther Fussell, 1782-1848
Description Rebecca Lewis Fussell was Graceanna Lewis' sister; Edwin Fussell was both cousin and husband of Rebecca Lewis Fussell. Alludes to the anniversary of the emancipation of slaves in the British West Indies. Mentions health, illnesses, and schooling of relatives. Discusses an ongoing illness of Molly's that requires a caretaker. Tells of Uncle Bartholomew Fussell's plans for his approaching marriage to Rebecca Hewes and his need to seek marriage certificates from his meeting. Mentions that Bartholomew wants to invite anti-slavery friends to his wedding and ban strong alcohol from it.
Size 4 pages
Type text
Subjects Temperance | Marriage | Slavery | Antislavery movements | Great Britain. Act for the abolition of slavery throughout the British Colonies
Geographical location Pendleton (Ind.); Chester County (Pa.)
Language English
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Contributing institution TriCollege Libraries
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