In Her Own Right

Caroline Katzenstein portraits, circa 1911-1915

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Date range 1911 – 1915
Description Portraits of Caroline Katzenstein from the Caroline Katzenstein papers. Katzenstein's first foray into the woman's suffrage movement occurred when she was hired to be secretary of the Pennsylvania branch of the National American Woman's Suffrage Association (NAWSA). After proving her ability to publicize NAWSA's events and goals, she joined the organization's national membership committee and became the executive secretary. After the suffrage movement split between those who wanted to obtain suffrage through the states and those who thought an amendment to the constitution had the best chances, Katzenstein threw her support behind the amendment strategy. She helped found the National Woman's Party, which proved key in convincing the federal government to seriously consider giving women the right to vote.
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Type photographs
Subjects | Katzenstein, Caroline | Equality | Suffrage | Women political activists | Women--Societies and clubs | Women's rights | Pennsylvania Woman Suffrage Association | National Woman's Party | Equal Franchise Society | Haeseler, Conrad Frederick
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