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Friends' Indian Aid Association of Philadelphia Records

Date created 1869-01-01 – 1875-01-01
Creators Friends' Indian Aid Association
Abstract The Friends' Indian Aid Association was organized in 1869 by members of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (Hicksite Quaker). The stated objective was to solicit voluntary donations of money and goods to distribute to the Indian tribes assigned to the care of the Yearly Meeting. Collection includes printed and hand-written documents, correspondence, and financial records.
Description This is a small collection with scattered documents. Correspondence is mostly about donations and the distribution of goods, although it does include a few thank-you notes from aid recipients; other documentation is official or procedural in nature. Although women were involved in this organization, including in its leadership, there is not much documentation to connect their work explicitly to women's rights. The collection does document one interesting connection. The association sent Dr. Phebe Oliver, previously of the Woman's Hospital, to work on the Otoe reservation (letter from pres. Mary Jeanes, 1871).
Research interest While the material in this collection certainly corroborates the paternalism of such nineteenth-century benevolent organizations, the glimpses it provides into this world are not enough to base a project on.
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