In Her Own Right

Mary Whithall Worthington Diaries

Date created 1907-01-01 – 1910-01-01
Creators Mary Whithall Worthington
Abstract Beginning in the late spring of her freshman year at Bryn Mawr College, Mary Worthington, M. Carey Thomas's "dear, intelligent niece," recorded in a clear strong hand the significant events and emotions of her college years and life as part of the Class of 1910. Bound into nine by twelve green scrapbooks with her name stamped on the front in gold letters, the diary was expanded to include photographs, invitations, play programs, examinations, clippings, and lists of books she had read. Mary Worthington's is not a mere line-a-day jotting of appointments and weather. Page after numbered page of thoughtful, often idealistic, narrative draws the reader into her life. She was young, she was an ardent suffragist, she was a member of the English Quaker Whitall family, she was a college woman shortly after the turn of the century.
Research interest These diaries are both delightful and revealing, with Worthington moving seamlessly from discussions of extracurricular activities, especially theater, handsome young men, bickering among friends, and rivalries between classes to such issues as suffrage, Free Trade, socialism, and government corruption. In describing both her own and her friends' and classmates' views, Worthington shows how a generation of young women was coming to terms with changing social and political mores, as well as some of the motivations of these second-generation Progressives.
Size 4 vols.
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