In Her Own Right

Register of Children at the Shelter for Colored Orphans, Volume 1

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Date created 1822-01-01 – 1859-01-01
Creators Association for the Care of Coloured Orphans (Cheyney, Pa.)
Description The first fifteen pages list the names, ages, and dates of admission of children at the shelter run by the Association for the Care of Colored Orphans, as well as other information about them. Pages 16 through 81 give a longer narrative history of each child, often explaining their family situation. An index of the children is found on pages 82-87. Also included are lists of children who did and did not receive a portion of the Thomas P. Cope Legacy. The register proper runs from 1822 through 1849; the papers dealing with the Cope legacy are from 1855-1859.
Size 114 pages
Type text
Subjects Association for the Care of Coloured Orphans (Cheyney, Pa.) | Orphanages | Charity organization | African American children
Geographical location Philadelphia (Pa.)
Language English
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Contributing institution TriCollege Libraries
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