In Her Own Right

Letter from Sarah Mapps Douglass to Rebecca White 1855 July 30

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Date created 1885-07-30
Creators Douglass, S. M. (Sarah Mapps), 1806-1882
Geographical location 32 Powel Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States 39.960622, -75.253312
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Contributing institution Haverford College Library, Quaker & Special Collections
Transcription Parsonage No. 32. Powel Street. Dear friend, Hetty Williams called to see me on Seventh day and said that she would convey a note to you for me, and so I could not resist the temptation of writing. It is Second day morning, 6 ‘o’clock, I am in my husband’s studay, [sic] a small three story back room overlooking, what seems to [underlined] me [/underlined] almost a Paradise of a yard, It is so sweet and pleasant, so still and quiet, (for the [p. 2] youngsters are not yet astir) the sun is throwing his beams on the tree tops making them glitter as they bend gracefully to and fro to the softest breezes that I am filled with gratitude. So shines the sun of Righteousness into my heart diffusing peace and joy. I do feel it an unspeakable mercy to be able to believe that I am in my right place. O, how earnestly, how reverently and humbly I crave the blessing of Heaven even that blessing that maketh rich [p. 3] and addeth no sorrow to it. I could pour out my heart to thee thus did I not feel assured of thy ready sympathy. If the love of our own poor fellow creatures is so precious to us, how much better is the love of Christ. So free and full, poured out upon us, all unworthy as we are, without stint or measure! I rejoiced to hear that your health is improving. I hope on your return to be able to see you. I hope your sister is well. May our Heavenly Father bless [p. 4] and comfort you both is the fervent prayer of my heart. Very affectionately thy friend S.M. Douglass 7 mo. 30. 55.