Letter from M. Carey Thomas to Mary Elizabeth Garrett, April 20, 1890

Date created 1890-04-20
Creator Thomas, M. Carey (Martha Carey), 1857-1935

Enclosed find Bessie’s last letter and I trust our differences are over at least as far as that circular is concerned. If you disapprove of Mary Carey doing as Bessie has told her to telegraph me, but I believe she had better ask all the people that have not been spoken to and will send her a list of those we have approached asking her to leave Mrs. Charles Mayer for you. As far as Baltimore is concerned there is no hurry as well shall not get any money there I am convinced. Yes Mrs. White will go on but will neither work nor give. She [illegible] approves. Your people are disappointing certainly, but it is what we must expect. Here is my Miss Irwin’s letter. Your see she will help me moderately-- she is charming to me again and as usual I am charmed.
I did not telegraph Sargent about hard wood because I did not know whether soft wood made any difference, nor did Mamie. The Zander machines-- 4 of them-- the 4 Dr. Hall especially recommended we should have I should think. But I sent you my type written list of the Meth. Col. and you did not return so I have no way of knowing what corresponds to them in Sargeant and so what can be omitted. We have so few special Sargeant machines, that those few might be delayed a few days I should think and about this I will write Dr. Hartwell. The leg machine is the only one of any value that might be replaced by the Zander. I will send you my letter tomorrow.
I expect you to come next week and I am especially glad that on Thursday afternoon it will be the yearly exhibition of gymnastics at the college and I especially wish you to see there with reference to what we can do at the school.

M. Carey Thomas discusses the circular and fundraising.She also mentions the Sargent and Zander machines.

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Subjects Garrett, Mary Elizabeth, 1854-1915 | Female friendship | Women in education | Gwinn, Mary, 1861-1940 | King, Elizabeth, 1858-1914 | Bryn Mawr School | Educational fund raising
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