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Emilie Davis diary, 1863

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Date created 1863-01-01
Creators Emilie Davis
Description The first of three diaries by Emilie Davis, a young African-American woman who lived in Philadelphia during the Civil War. The three diaries, 1863-1865, contain memories of her day-to-day life with mention of some wartime events, including the fall of Vicksburg and draft riots in New York City during 1863. Davis was likely in her late teens or early twenties when she began writing her diary in 1863. Although a great deal of information is recorded, typical diary entries are not very detailed. Daily entries provide a glimpse of the life of a young woman in Philadelphia, including her visits with family and friends and her experiences attending weddings, funerals, lectures, school, and church fairs. Most of the news Davis recorded in her diary focuses on the Civil War. National events, such as National Fast Day (April 1863), the 1863 New York draft riots, and the 1864 presidential election, are mentioned. In July 1863, she observed that people in the Harrisburg area were fleeing that part of the state and moving towards Philadelphia as a result of the Battle of Gettysburg. Emancipation was also recorded in Emilie's diary , as was the fall of Vicksburg and President Lincoln’s assassination.
Size 71 pp
Type diary
Subjects Davis, Emilie Frances | Joness | Cristy, Nellie/Nell | Sue | Heather | Father Raiss | Father Shepherd | Dellores, D. | Gorge, Jon | Jake | Gibbs | Mr. Gordner | Augustes | Theodore | James | Jones, Mary | Little Frank | Thomas, Sarah | Across Racial Lines
Geographical location
Geographical location Shiloh Baptist Church, S. 21st and Christian Streets, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States| Bridesburg, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Language English
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Contributing institution Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Transcription [p. 1, cover] DIARY 1863 [p. 2, left] hgv-Ks [p. 2, right] Emilie [p. 3, left] [blank] [p. 3, right] Emily [handwritten] Pocket Diary For 1863. CONTAINING [sic] A BLANK SPACE FOR EVERY DAY, [sic] CALENDAR, [sic] RATES OF POSTAGE, &c. [sic] [decorative mark] PUBLISHED ANNUALLY [sic] For The Trade. 1863. [p. 4, left] Counting=House Almanac. 1863. [Calendar for 1863] [p. 4, right] LIST OF SUNDAYS [sic] -IN- [sic] The Year 1863. [list of months and dates of Sundays] [p. 5, left] RATES OF POSTAGE [sic] LETTERS [sic] not exceeding 1-2 ounce in weight, to any part of the United States, not over 3,000 miles 3 cents. If over 3,000 miles, 10 cents. (California and Oregon, 10 cents.) Letters weighing over 1-2 ounce, and not over 1 ounce, double these rates. Must be prepaid in all cases. DROP LETTERS, [sic] 1 cent. May be prepaid or not. ADVERTISED LETTERS [sic] 1 cent in addition to the regular rates. VALUABLE LETTERS [sic] may be registered by application at the office of mailing, and the payment of a registration fee of 5 cents. TO CANADA and other British North American Provinces, when not over 3,000 miles, 10 cents for each 1-2 oz. When over 3,000 miles, 15 cents. Prepayment optional. TO GREAT BRITAIN [sic] or Ireland, 24 cents; but [if?] sent to or from California or Oregon, 29 cents. Prepayment optional. LETTERS [sic] to other FOREIGN COUNTRIES [sic] vary in rate, according to the route by which they are sent, and the proper information can be obtained of any Postmaster in the United States. NEWSPAPERS [sic], Periodicals, Unsealed Circulars, or other articles of printed matter (except Books), when sent to any part of the United States, and weighing not over 3 ounces, 1 cent, and for every additional ounce, or part thereof, 1 cent. WEEKLY NEWSPAPERS [sic] (one copy only) sent to actual Subscribers within the County where printed and published, Free. PRINTED BOOKS [sic], bound or unbound, not weighing over 4lbs., for any distance under 3,000 miles, 1 cent per oz.; over 3,000 miles, 2 cents per oz., prepaid. DAGUERREOTYPES [sic] will be charged with letter postage. PACKAGES [sic] of seeds or cuttings weighing not more than 8 oz., 1 cent per oz., if less than 1,500 miles; over 1,500 miles, 2 cents per oz. NO PACKAGE [sic] will be forwarded (except Books) which weighs over 3 pounds. [p. 5 right] THURSDAY, JANUARY 1, 1863 [typescript] To day has bin [sic] a memorable day and i [sic] thank god i have bin sperd [sic] to see it the day [strikethrough][illegible][/strikethrough] was religously [sic] observed all the churches were open we had quite a Jubilee in the evens [evening?] i went to Joness [sic] to a party had a very pleas FRIDAY 2 [typescript] ent [sic] time Beautiful day Nellie was up and spend part of the day realling [reading?] was here Nellie had an engagement and had to go home i stayed home a few minutes the girls were SATURDAY 3 [typescript] all there very Pleasent [sic] this morning [illegible] all day reading and [his?] were her [here] to service i went down home to see if father had [illegible] and was [illegible] away when [Stopped transcription because of Villanova site]