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Annual Announcements of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania

Date created 1850-01-01 – 1970-01-01
Creators Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania
Abstract Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania (WMCP) published an annual announcement starting in 1850 which described curriculum, faculty, student body, and course requirements and offerings. In 1914 the Annual Announcement was published with the quarterly publication, Bulletin of Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania. The Annual Announcement continued into the 1980s.
Description WMCP's Annual Announcements shed light on academics, demographics, and values. Increasingly detailed breakdowns of courses, recommended reading, and faculty members reveal a curriculum that grew more rigorous to support a profession that was becoming more specialized. Additionally, course offerings reveal the confluence between medicine and Progressive and feminist reform. A course on hygiene, eventually supported by the US Social Hygiene Board, included visits to factories, water-filtration plants, and other sites. It also addressed aspects of social medicine, including sex hygiene and control of venereal disease. Announcements also offer some insights into the kind of students who attended WMC, their career prospects after graduation, and the kinds of students WMC tried to recruit. In addition to listing places of residence for students and alumnae, as well as those in the latter category who received hospital appointments, announcements describe the kinds of financial aid available to prospective students. Of particular interest is the aid available to students who wish to become missionaries after graduation.
Research interest These announcements will be of interest to researchers studying the evolution of medical education. Course offerings and descriptions reveal much about the rigor of training and the subjects emphasized by the college, as well as something of the medical knowledge that existed at the time. The broad strokes of these changes will also be interesting to historians of women's participation in Progressivism and public health.
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