Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania Public Relations office records--ACC-133

Date created 1869-1923
Creator Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania
Abstract This collection includes 27 clippings scrapbooks and loose clippings of general information related to Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania and later Medical College of Pennsylvania. All scrapbooks are of a general nature, covering any topic relevant to the school and hospital and were compiled anonymously, most likely by the public relations department in later years. One of the two more specific scrapbooks focuses on the Alice Tallant Affair; the other was compiled by Dr. Rachel L. Bodley, Dean of the College from 1874-1888. Each scrapbook covers a particular period of time with the total time period covered from 1867 to 1972 with single clippings dating to 1854.
Additional Description This collection includes clippings from local, national, and international newspapers, feminist publications, and medical publications. Additionally, clippings include coverage of Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania (WMC) commencement exercises, announcements, and other student activities. The first thirty years of clippings are largely dedicated to debates over whether or not women should be doctors. Around the turn of the century, opposition to women doctors abated somewhat, partially replaced by a discourse in which educated women served as a symbol of white, Christian America to the rest of the world, particularly in missionary work. Coverage of women's participation in the war effort begins around 1915, as does more extensive discussion of progressive public health initiatives. There is also some evidence of connections to the suffrage movement.
Research Interest These clippings allow researchers to analyze how discourses about women doctors changed between 1869 and 1923, as well as how these perceptions were related to national and international developments. Clippings are less rich, although still helpful, in documenting how women physicians thought of themselves. Women doctors regularly responded to opposition, and students occasionally took action to take control of their own education. Researchers should keep in mind that these scrapbooks were created by WMCP personnel, which makes tracking change over time difficult (collecting patterns may have changed).
Size 1.5 linear feet
Local identifier Acc. 133
Contributing institution Drexel University College of Medicine Legacy Center
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