Woman Suffrage Party of Logan meeting minutes (Am 8894)

Date created 1915-1920
Creator Woman Suffrage Party of Logan
Abstract Begun as the Germantown branch of the Woman Suffrage Party, this woman's organization called itself the Logan Suffrage League until 12 July 1915, when it changed its name to the Woman Suffrage Party of Logan. Its social, literature, membership, and press committees had as their mission the sponsorship of women's suffrage speeches and the distribution of circulars advertising such occasions and other fund-raising events. This minute book, 16 March 1915 to 10 December 1919, of regular, public, special, and executive meetings includes two photographs of suffragist Anna Howard Shaw. Also included is a dance program from a dance held 16 January 1920 at the Hotel Rittenhouse, sponsored by the Philadelphia League of Women Citizens in honor of the death of Wolstan Dixey.
Additional Description Largely procedural meeting minutes from 1915-1919, these notes describe events hosted, fundraising efforts, officers' elections, dues collection, and the like. This volume is interesting largely for its documentation of how the suffrage movement had changed by the twentieth century's second decade. Suffragists by this point were increasingly using public tactics; members of the Woman Suffrage Party of Logan held open-air meetings, hung banners across Broad Street, advertised in newspapers, staged theater performances, monitored polling places, attended hearings in the state legislature, and actively worked to defeat state politicians who voted against state suffrage. There is little to no discussion of some important national and even state-level developments in the suffrage movement; for example, minutes do not explicitly mention the failed 1915 state referendum, although they do discuss the successful 1919 state campaign. Originally the Germantown (Philadelphia) branch of the Woman Suffrage Party, this organization changed its name to the Pennsylvania League of Women Citizens in 1919, when Pennsylvania women won the right to vote.
Research Interest The notable absences in these papers make it difficult for researchers to glean much about the particular trajectory of the Pennsylvania suffrage campaign. As noted, this volume is most useful for what it documents about the changing strategies of suffragists between the late nineteenth century and the second decade of the twentieth century.
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