Hannah Clothier Hull Papers

Date created 1889-1958
Creator Hull, Hannah Clothier, 1872-1958
Abstract The Hannah Clothier Hull Papers contain personal correspondence (1889-1956), professional correspondence, speeches, articles, and manuscript notes. There is also biographical material, family papers, newspaper clippings, and photographs. Among Hull's early personal correspondence is a folder of letters she wrote to her friend Caroline Cooper Biddle. These letters chart the close friendship between the two young women at the turn of the century. A large part of the collection reflects Hull's work in the peace movement, especially the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Her work for suffrage and women's rights is also well-represented.
Additional Description Pre-1920 materials are relatively sparse, although they provide some insight into Hull's Quaker upbringing and involvement in the peace and suffrage movements. A series of fliers reveals the strategies members of the Pennsylvania Woman Suffrage Association used to advance their cause, and a series of letters to, from, and about Jane Addams show how fond the two women were of each other.
Research Interest Although Hull was involved in activism before 1920, her most important contributions were to Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, and these are the activities best represented by this collection . For the purposes of this project, the most interesting materials are Hull's letters to Caroline Biddle while a young woman. While not about rights per se, they provide a classic example of the close friendships women formed in this era. They also provide rare insights into women's personal lives, which in many collections are entirely absent or largely eclipsed by political activities.
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