Sharpless Family papers

Date created 1748-1875
Creator Kite, Mary, 1793?-1861
Abstract This collection contains letters, diaries, journals, narratives, and notes, by, concerning, or attributed to members of the Sharpless and Kite families, including those of Joshua Sharpless, with letters to Ann Trimble Sharpless, his wife, and his children; notes on his physical condition; narratives of Edith Yarnall Sharpless, his first wife; correspondence among the children of Joshua Sharpless, including letters of Rachel Sharpless Cope, Edith (Sharpless) Kite, Isaac Sharpless, and other family members; letters of Benjamin Kite to his children, Thomas, John, Mary, and others; journals, diaries, and accounts of Mary Kite, daughter of Benjamin, and letters to family and friends describing religious travels, spiritual affairs, and conditions in the Society; correspondence among other members of the Kite family, including James, Joseph, Nathan, Abi, nieces, nephews, and others; accounts by Thomas Kite of Edith Sharpless Kite, his wife; letters from Susanna Kite Sharpless, daughter of Thomas, and an account of a trip through New York; and letters and accounts from Aaron Sharpless, husband of Susanna.
Additional Description Included also are testimonies from Concord Monthly Meeting concerning Edith Sharpless Kite; a minute from Concord Quarterly Meeting; holograph and printed petitions from the young people to Philadelphia meeting, 1748; a diary and two letters from Mary Passmore concerning a religious trip made in Virginia and North Carolina with Mary Kite and Pennock Passmore; and letters to Edith Sharpless, later Kite, from school friends. Letters comprise the bulk of materials, with those of Mary Kite making up more than half of the total. Dates of letters are from about 1800 to 1875, with the bulk between 1800-1861.
Research Interest Edith Yarnall, the wife of Joshua Sharpless (1747-1826), was a minister and active Friend. Ann Trimble, his second wife, was also a minister and accompanied him in religious travels and visits in Pennsylvania, New York, New England, and Canada, maintaining an active concern for Native American affairs and the abolition of slavery. Mary Kite (1792-1861) was a minister in the Society and traveled extensively.
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