In Her Own Right

Letter from Sarah Mapps Douglass to Rebecca White 1854 October 01

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Date created 1854-10-01
Creators Douglass, S. M. (Sarah Mapps), 1806-1882
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Contributing institution Haverford College Library, Quaker & Special Collections
Transcription 10. Mo 1 1854. Dear Rebecca, I suppose thou art now at home, and I trust greatly impressed by thy sojourn in the country. I know thou hast felt tenderly for me in spiritual things and my heart prompts me to tell thee how I was feasted last third day at meeting. I went in a humble sad and prayer-ful feeling spirit, craving oh, how earnestly, my Heavenly Father’s blessing. Eliza Gurney preached a comforting yet solemn awful searching sermon, a sermon to be remembered. She spoke to various states and among the rest I was remembered. Yes, had she said Sarah this is for thee I could not have felt [p. 2] It more truly mine. Yes, the least and lowest of all that company was comforted; her poor xx xxxx fed with the finest wheat, and that heart whose sorrowful language had so often been xxx man cares for my soul was made to rejoice before God, yea to exceedingly re-joice! So deep was my emotion that I could scace refrain from sobbing aloud. O, thought I, I may be well content to take a long walk and to sit behind every body, alone unnoticed by my fellow xxx where the King of Kings thus condescended to comfort me by his faithful messages! Dear R, if at any time thou should meet Eliza Gurney, do tell her how one poor solitary sorrowful soul was cheered by her visit. Insignificant as I am, it may strengthen her where she is weak. Affy. XXX D.