Tools for Data Exploration

If you're new to working with raw data, consider these tools as a starting place. (For an extensive list of data tools for digital humanities, check out DIRT Digital Research Tools).

Network Visualization

InfoVis RGraph - used for the In Her Own Right Subject Guide Visualization! A coding-based tool for creating interactive visualizations to share on the web.

Palladio - simple software tool for exploring and visualizing complex data sets in multiple ways, such as networks, maps, and image galleries.

Gephi - open source software for exploring and visualizing networks within complex data sets. Check out this excellent intro video by University of Kentucky Libraries to learn more.

Text Analysis

Voyant Tools - web-based reading and analysis environment for digital texts.


TimelineJS - create a timeline from spreadsheet data.


StoryMap - combine images and maps to tell stories.

Google My Maps - create and share maps.