In Her Own Right

Data access

PACSCL and the In Her Own Right participants are committed to providing full access to the project metadata.

API access

The In Her Own Right project exposes an API endpoint conforming with OAI-PMH metadata harvesting standards. Records can be retrieved using any client or browser using standard OAI-PMH verbs.

Sample Requests:

Return all records from collection:

curl ""

Return a specific record:

curl ""

Tools for using the data

If you're new to working with raw data, consider these tools as a starting place.
(For an extensive list of data tools for digital humanities, check out DIRT Digital Research Tools).

Text analysis

Voyant Tools - web-based reading and analysis environment for digital texts.


TimelineJS - create a timeline from spreadsheet data.


StoryMap - combine images and maps to tell stories.
Google My Maps - create and share maps.

Tutorials on using tools


Examples of data use